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02-23-2010, 03:57 PM
Originally Posted by Ninjaboy View Post

I've been playing actively since launch on the most populated server in the game.

The past 2 years I think I've had a server disconnect a handful of times all related to sieges.
I agree here. I was playing *** steady before STO beta and the servers were very stable, and it's actually the best mmo on the market now in my opinion. The thing is though, even with it becoming the best on the market, that's still not helping the game recover from it's disastrous first couple of months. The population continues to dwindle.

That's the reality of the market now. You're made or broken within 60 days. You're gimped already if too many people aren't happy within the first 30.

Thinking STO, and even more pressing, the Klingon faction, can recover and flourish later without very large improvements done very soon is folly. Complete folly. The scary thing is that one gets the impression that Cryptic/Atari has a minimum number set that they'll be satisfied with, but if they don't get quite a bit more in than the little bit they said they will in the "what's next for STO" post I seriously doubt they'll keep that many, whatever that number is. I want to be wrong. I oh so want to be wrong. I just don't think I am though. I haven't been yet when it comes to this game.