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02-23-2010, 04:17 PM
You guys can all go pound sand. Release notes do not show up for me anywhere, I like the fact that one of you had the decency to post a link for them, I'm sure you didn't know you were helping me when you did it, but thank you all the same. And I was actually speaking of the little tab at the top of the login page, but I suppose if you spend all your time here on the forums trolling, you wouldn't know about that. Oh ... BTW ... Have a nice day
Originally Posted by Chat
Shoo shoo... Begone to Starfleet Academy with you. *gets broom*

And there are release notes.
scroll down below the news and there will be a box with the headline "Release Notes - Feb 23, 2010"
this is where notes always appear, they never appear in the launcher, that tab does not even work. Dont try to act like you were only talking about the launcher.

We had a patch last night at some point, yet there is no official information about it posted.
You had no idea where release note are, we laughed at you and Chat pointed you in the right direction, you tried to cover yourself, and now we laugh at you again.

Please. Please for the sake of humanity do not reproduce, and if you have done so already have them tested for stupid.