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To All Fleet Members, allies and friends of the Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet:

Our comrade and Fleet-mate, Weed743 has passed away, and we will observe a moment of silence during his funeral. Weed743 was our Chief Tactical Officer, and joined the VKF in June of 2009.

The funeral wil be held on the Gold Coast of Australia at 8AM AEST (GMT+10). At that time, wherever we are, we will all cease our activities and spend a moment reflecting on his life, his passing, and the meaning of existance. HIs brother advises that bagpipes will be playing at the funeral in honor of his Scottish heritage.

Weed743 spent some of his last hours in STO open beta, and also helping us build the Fleet beforehand. His RL brother said that he constantly told him "its better to burn out then to fade away" and that Weed743 lived and died by this philosophy. HIs brother has asked us to please help to keep his memory alive . We shall do so.

To ensure our tribute is timely, please note that 8am on the 26th in GMT+10 is 10pm the night before in London (GMT-0)

For the benefit of our Fleet and STO, here are some times for the moment:

In Belgium, 10pm on February 25th
In London, 9pm on February 25th
In New York City USA, 4pm on February 25th
In Los Gatos, CA, USA, 1pm on Februry 25th
In Alaska, USA, 12 noon on February 25th

I believe I've gotten all the times right, if anyone has corrections or additions, please pm me and I'll update this post.

UPDATE: For any VKF members, allies, friends, or anyone wishing to pay tribute, we will be assembling on Vulcan for a short moment of silence and tribute to our fallen comrade. If you need to get into the right instance, feel free to team with Keysailor@Keysailor before you beam down. Once you are in the same instance, you may leave the team so others may follow. Once on Vulcan, proceed to the bottom of the stairway, where we will be gathering just beforehand. We will then proceed to a nearby hillside for a short moment of silence and eulogy service.

Regards and condolences to the family of our comrade Jack Marshall.