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02-23-2010, 08:24 PM
Regarding Age of Conan, I was there at release. There was a ridiculous amount of people playing. We were having fun, especially at Tortage.

But once we played more, peeled back more on the onion, things got worse. Bugs, unfinished content, broken sieges, broken character skills, etc.

That game quickly lost its momentum. The hordes of players left, and IMO, the game has yet to recover from that.

I haven't played it much since then, just a trial once to see what's going on. Maybe the devs really did fix alot, bring more content in. But the sad fact remains is that the game is a ghost town, especially compared to the first 2 months of going live. Very few people left to enjoy what the devs have done to fix and improve the game.

I agree with this statement: MMOs succeed or fail within the first 2 months.

If a new MMO gets alot of players at the beginning, it is all up to the devs to keep them and get more, or all up to the devs to LOSE them. WoW was a bit of a fiasco at launch, but Blizzard held on: Patching like madmen and gaining players. Age of Conan and Warhammer Online started fast, but fizzled. For all the hype leading into *** & WO, they've failed in their expectations.