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02-23-2010, 08:32 PM
Real Life Name? justin
Real Life Job? usmc
Game Name's (Klingon and Federation)? klingon and fed
Age? 20
Location (By Time Zone)?west coast
How many hours will you be playing per week? depends entirely on how good the guild is
Did you play in Beta? yep
Captain's Career Path? tactical
Main Ship and build goal? not sure, i'm ridin a raptor right now
Past MMO experience? lots of pvp, ********* - knight online - wow -
PVP Experiance(MMO or FPS): mmos- *********,knight online, wow. fps. cod 4 cod w@w cod mw2 and war rock
Any special skills such as artwork, HTTP experience, ect?
What is the important thing is about team work and play? no argueing, and also the abilities of others to work well as a team
What is your stance on team loot? sounds fair, u'r there just like everyone else there, SHARE
What can you contribute to our fleet? all of the game skills i learn how to use
What can we contribute to you? hopefully a stable and freindly fleet