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02-24-2010, 02:00 AM
Originally Posted by Ramagar-ROK
How about losing the one space engineer and giving it a 3 space tac slot eh? I mean it's a tier 5 ship!
Negh'var; Starcruiser; Assault cruiser.

They all share structure / shields capacity.

Basically the highest mk X blue covarient shield 7800 shields
Base structure at 36000; 41000 when trained in the ship.
Inertia identical as well at 15 if i remember correctly

What changes; the turn rate is different on the klingon; and the ability to equip cannons + cloak.

They have the same stations too; EXCEPT 1. The ensign station is Tactical on Assault Cruiser; Engineering on Negh'Var; and Science on Star cruiser.

So you're asking to get an Assault Cruiser? Go Fed.