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# 1 Enemies with Recharge Shields
02-24-2010, 03:58 AM
How are you supposed fight two Romulan Commanders who both have the Shield Recharge abillity? Focussing on one of them it's only possible to remove about 10% of their health bar before her shields are recharged to full. EVen fighting against one is very time-consuming due to the frequent shield recharges.

There's no castbar for this ability - they announce "Recharging shields" and the bar is back to full within about 3 seconds. Interrupting during the recharge does nothing as it's not a channelled ability. The only counter I can see is to spam knockdown attacks which is not practical because it lowers my damage output considerably. Knockdowns also do not help when facing more than one Commander.

The tactic I used earlier this morning when facing two Commanders was to go and make some scrambled eggs while my team whittled away at them. However I suspect that mid-fight breakfasting was not the designer's intent.