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02-24-2010, 05:10 AM
Originally Posted by Baconnaise
Obviously you don't have all the tier 5 ship and haven't used them in the various builds. I have pvp with both characters in all the ships. You can specialize much better with fed ships it's a fact which means you get more out of them. Try reading it again it's not about some hull points.

When you run in groups on both sides with ideal setups let me know what you think.
Oh really? That's a fact huh. Care to explain? Allow me...

BoPs have versatility. They can't excel in any role, but they can cater to any role. Negh'Vars have massive amounts of engineering. Raptors have massive amounts of Tac abilities, and are nasty enough. Carriers are a pain in the but, and have universally high level stations all around, especially in science. No other ship can get the same amount of high level stations.

I think they specialize quite well.

Originally Posted by Kheldor9
Sci captains in sci ships. Only Feds get that.
10 points of Aux and beam targeted abilities, which share a cooldown with every other beam ability? How's that unfair?