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02-24-2010, 06:02 AM
What Cornetin said. The thing is, with the BoP you can decide if you want to be tougher, or if you want to be all out offensive as the Raptor.

You cannot fly the T5 Raptor like the earlier Raptors, basically BoPs with a bit more hull and stay in battle. This won't end well.

Focus on Alpha Strikes, use Alpha & Omega and fire with HYT III into shield gaps and you can destroy cruisers in the ~5 seconds before they can get up RSP or other buffs up again. And then dust off. You have only two engineering slots, you cannot take damage. So focus on your strength, zip in, dish out a lot of damage and speed away.

But in general... I would rather use a BoP. So many universal BO slots = pure sex.