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02-24-2010, 06:11 AM
Originally Posted by .Spartan View Post
It is a good start despite the lack of an option to define some elements. I hope they start to use such a tool often. Shoot I would not even irked if they sent one out every week to be frank.
Agreed, especially if they shoot an email to everyone when they do them all, and entice people with C-store points. It will give them a more honest and accurate readout of what the actual playerbase wants in the game - and let's face it, it's the PLAYER BASE - not just forum posters - who's opinion should matter, and as long as the options that they put on the survey include some or most of the topics brought up on the forums, it is a great tool. I see no reason for people to think the game will fail because they want our input on what should be considered the most important additions.