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02-24-2010, 06:19 AM
I am a tactical officer and I love the Nevah. True, it is lacking in the tactical BO part, but I think this ship is alright the way it is. The ones wanting to change it I think are using the BoP or Raptors, and they want something large to use that has T4 BO tactical skills. Sometimes I wish the Negvah had a T4 tactical BO slot, but what would be the point? The end result would be a OP ship that could tank, DPS, cloak, and be semi-maneuverable verse the larger fed ships which tend to be less maneuverable.

So, end result. Dont change any current ships, just add in ships for both sides that favor a given class with different BO station setups than the current ones of its tier. That would be about the only way to go really. And I am looking forward to seeing some ports from the old game called Klingon Acadamy. Google it or something if you dont know what it is, but if they ported over the Missouri from that game I would have to be a turncoat and switch to Fed as my main. Sorry my fellow klinks, but I loved that ship, and I love the real USS Missouri from the US Navy. That is my alltime favorite ship for many reasons, reasons I wont explain on the forums though, but short version is I like history.