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02-24-2010, 06:23 AM
Originally Posted by jedidethfreak View Post
I don't think that's the case, because the publisher, Atari, owns, either wholly or in part, Cryptic. The "negotiations" aren't really a factor anymore. Cryptic needs to do what Atari says, pretty much period. The sub fees probably go mostly to Atari as it is, we know they're going to ramp up on C-store items, and a boxed expansion won't be a bad thing.
Not entirely accurate.

Yes they're owned by Atari; but remember, even within the same company if Division A tells Management "Hey, Management, we need X to please our customers" they need some way to justify the expenditure to management.

Cryptic's budget to work on STO is going to be affected by:

A) Profits - the more money coming in, the more money Atari will be willing to reinvest in the game. (Unless they're idiots of course. I'll never, ever put anything past human stupidity.)

B) Chance for Profits - This is where the survey comes in. More stuff players want = more customers on a longer term basis = more money. If Cryptic can show Atari "Hey, if we do this, we'll probably be able to bring you more money in the long term" - they're more likely to be willing to fund that.

Ultimately despite being part of the same whole, you've still got to convince the people at the top to fund your project.