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I propose a Public Test Server Version of the Client for Busy people.

IF you aren't into power leveling on a Live
P2P Server and wished to donate your time to test and improve STO you should have a free casual version.

Some of the Things this proposal would do.

A STO Lite if you will would offer a trial bed for more Stress testing of a perspective patch or expansion pack

Limited Advancement Caps or earned credits towards a purchase of a Live STO Client could fit a marketing model.

In the Spirit of the April Fools STO for Kids a more Tribble friendly non violent version for Tweens .
Consider this a Gateway Trek to groom future Live users.

WIFI can be contraband on a Warship at sea.. So the Thousands of Sailors and MArines deployed on Board
have limitations on their On-Line Access or Gaming privileges. Treat these Fine Men and Women to an off-line version in the Spirit of SETI or Folding and allow for off-line play to be uploaded at a later date so when they come to home port their Live Client P2P can be reconciled.

Trial Balloons aren't on the target range; their meant to promote the free exchange of positive ideas to include more people under the Cryptic tent. Now get out there and scrap some rust off!