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02-24-2010, 06:50 AM
I have no issues at all. In fact I moved it to a primary (front) slot because it's so effective. Typically I use it as an alpha strike tool on a battleship or Borg vessel. I'm flying a science ship and this is usually my tactics.

1. Once within range I fire Viral matrix III. This puts them down so they can't react.
2. As I'm closing in I'm using Tachyon Beam to lower their shields.
3. At about 4k I fire HYII w/ Quantum torps. If there were any shields left they're gone now!
4. At point blank range I fire the Tricobalt.

This has been so successful that I often feel guilty for my friend that has an Escort. I don't leave him with much (if anything) to shoot at.

No other weapon that I've found gives me this close to a one-shot-kill.

Based on what I've read here, it's effectiveness is based on your playstyle and tactics. I'm not fond of the cool down, but I understand it. While the Tri-C is recycling, it forces me to work closely with the Escort until I can reset.