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02-24-2010, 06:51 AM
Originally Posted by Captain_Danar
You're stupid if you paid that much for it, I only paid 26 for the preorder gold collectors edition. Admittedly I did then pay for lifetime subscription, so imo the higher the price of the sub, the better it works out for me :p
As a lifer I still said 10 dollars per month. True that makes my break even about 2 years instead of 16 months but I think the game has better chance of survival with a 10 dollar a month sub instead of 15 in the current state it's in now.

And I gave it a 7 but really felt 6.5 on the rating. I just rounded up but I was back and forth on 6 and 7 so I realized I felt 6.5 was what I really felt.