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02-24-2010, 08:09 AM
Originally Posted by Cornetin
I tend to pretty much disagree with everything in here. I've flown a BoP all the way to T5.
In the T4 bracket I always finished top of the board with damage between 250k-350k. I have yet to see a Raptor outdamage my BoP.

Universal BOs far outweights the benefits a Raptor offers over a BoP in T5, or any tier for that matter.
I disagree, If I was flyng a Hegh'ta at the moment instead of my Qin, I'd use the same BO's I do now, minus the extra ensign the raptor offcers, and dropping from 4 tactical console upgrades to 3 and losing a turret in the rear would drop my dps quite noticably.

De-equipping 1 disruptor console loses me about 80-120 dps per weapon (I have 6 disruptor weapons) and i'd lose an entire turret, all for the small benefit of increased turn rate, which I don't need as nothing survives more than 8 seconds of my damage output barring RSP.

It's just my opinion as to what is better, damage or turn rate, as yours is yours, but it is however an indisputable fact that the raptor is capable of more maximum dps than is the bird of prey.