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02-24-2010, 08:10 AM
What does GM stand for ... what does the initials mean?

I thought it meant Game Manager. But obviously this is not right. A manager is suppose to Manage. In the instance of an MMO, to manage the game and the players in it.

In 9Dragons, the GM's and VGM's are in the game and people can actually talk to them and get something done with problems they are experiencing ... even to manipulating the characters account who is having problems.

I have been having the same problem since I was a Lieutenent and now I am at Admiral 5 and am still having the very exact same problem. I turned seven bug reports on this particular problem and am now in the process of turning in my eighth bug report on this problem. If Cryptic hasn't provided the tools necessary for a GM to actually be a Game Manager, this should be relayed to those who WANT and expect help with their characters ... simplest example ever /killme and no GM actually helps the player to get unstuck.

All I would like for a GM to do for me is to purge a mission from my account, but they don't seem to even be aware of me ever filing seven bug reports to this affect.

So, my understanding on what the actual initials G and M stand for must not be correct. Anyone, or perhaps an actual GM can tell me what it is your GM title means?