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# 1 An apology to the devs
02-24-2010, 09:23 AM
I have been one of this game's biggest supporters prior to release, then one of it's most outspoken haters after release.

But I just wanted to say I don't blame the developers, I know you guys did the best you could with the resources you had and the time allotted and it really isn't your fault that your idiotic corporate bosses made you rush the game out before it was ready and wanted the game developed on that same tired old outdated engine you make everything else on instead of using something new or at least innovative.

I don't blame you guys personally for the fail that is Star Trek Online and I know you put a lot of work into it and most people pride themselves on their work and it's only natural to take it personally when someone criticizes it. I know you're whole team is running around doing damage control right now just trying to get things stable and fixed as quickly as you can before the subscriber numbers dwindle and it is probably stressing you all out and the fact half the forums are ragging on you guys on a daily basis probably only makes it worse because we are all basically mocking your collective livelihoods and if this game sinks you will probably be out of the job.

I think even the most angry and bitter players who were disappointed by this game would realize it wasn't your fault if they knew the whole story and perhaps wouldn't be so quick to judge.

I don't expect any kind of positive dev reply here because despite the truth of what i'm saying, I know you can't really go on record agreeing with someone who badmouthed your bosses or company as a whole, but I just wanted to say sorry for any grief i've caused you guys.

I wish the Dev team good luck. I genuinely hope you guys can salvage this game and make it more playable and fun and get to keep your steady jobs for a long time.

To the upper management of cryptic, or more specifically the bozos responsible for pushing this crap out the door early, I really can't say what I wish would happen to you people because it would probably be a dreadful forum offense, so I will simply say I don't like you and hope you lose your jobs and get positions more suited to your lack of leadership skills and foresight, maybe cooking fries.