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02-24-2010, 08:57 AM
I wonder how many of the "combat is to easy" people have made it to the higher levels? Yes it was pretty much "easy" untill you level a tier or two. There are some flaws, all knockback cone weapons (ground) are a bit easy, but simple not to just take the easy mode and use differnt ones and its not so easy. I have played with many in group ground missions that dont have quite the grasp on it I do and its not easy for them. Much the same with Space combat, cant count how many times in fleet action is see people not stay in "fleet" and go off on there own and die. \

some will say "no DP so who cares?" well , no ship shooting, no DPS no loot at end.. so yes, the DP in fleet action is reduced DPS and possibly no loot.