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One thing I noticed about this game is that the core of the enemies you fight are all the same, no matter what race you are fighting.


And it seems to not matter much what race it is, essentially they are the same except maybe for weapons differences.

What I miss about my old MMOG days (UO) was you started fighting lower end things and skilled up to more difficult things. The first time I attacked an Earth Elemental or didnt run from Trolls or Ettins in UO was a milestone for me. No such milestone here. Right off the bat you are fighting (albeit weakened) BORG.

The game should start you off with more tamer fare, to illustrate better how you progress from the game, the variety of things you fight or seek should be more and more difficult.

Is there any reason you cant replace the borg in the early game with say a disorganized pirate group or a local alien terrorist group ?

I think the first time I face off against a Negh'Var I should be scared. There shouldnt be a range of levels on a Negh'Var that we have now. IMO anyway

So what Im saying is that we need better, more varied enemies so that the game doesnt feel as repetitive and more 'realistic' than it does now (realistic in a game sense and not a real-world sense)