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02-24-2010, 09:33 AM
Originally Posted by LostHeroSTO
4 days is nothing... lol i have an unread ticket that is 18 days + old .
and another one at 6 oder 7 days old.

i guess this says all ... VERY disapointing!
I don't entirely agree. For one thing it very much depends on the type of ticket.

If someone bugs something, noone would expect those tickets to be replied to per se as so much as simply expect acknowledgement of some sort that they have been recieved and will be processed in due time.

I have bug report tickets that are 14 days and counting, those don't worry me.

However this said "Request GM assistance" tickets are an entirely different ball game, they are things that have an urgency and immediacey that you expect a fast and direct response from in a timely manner.

For instance if im in a mission and it bugs and wont complete, or if a mob wont spawn etc.. you request GM assistance you expect them to respond within an hour ot two at max IN PERSON and resolve the issue.. because that is how other games do it, it is expected.

Requesting GM assistance is not bug reporting, response is expected and required within a sensible time frame.

I myself have to date on requested GM assistance 3 times, twice I got no response ever, the most recent time when a mission wouldnt complete I got no response for FIVE days, after which I didnt get a GM reply I got a ticket reply.. which was not only of absolutely NO use whatsoever because it was five days after the fact, but it was also as I say a ticket response, not a direct response from a GM with whom I could converse, explain the issue and get an immediate resolution.

Indeed the ticket response I got was as helpful as "drop the mission and start again", which is basically no assistance at all, and something I ended up doing anyway long before they ever replied because otherwise i would have been sat twiddling my thumbs for five days after which i still would have had to do the whole thing again anyway.

Im afraid the in game support atm is in a sorry state indeed and GM assistance in game is unl;ike most games these days just non existant.

People make a lot of excuses for Cryptic on a lot of things, and indeed I am someone who generally can overlook a lot so long as I know something is being done.. but as far as customer support goes, for me a game lives or dies based on the quality of its support system.

If you cant give me live GM response, then remove the Request GM assistance option, because it is false advertising something that just ISNT going to happen.