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I'm going to skip the pleasantries and get to the belly of the beast here for sake of thread cohesion.

Combat - general
More EXPLAINED skills. Tell us the exact damage modifier or how much DPS we get if we spec into certain weapons. Give us access to data that would help us theorycraft on skills and understand more deeply how they work. Otherwise we are shooting darts in the dark hoping the skills we pick will be useful.

Combat - Space
Space(bar) combat is pretty solid and fun so far but we need some form of auto fire. Just setting things to fire though takes all the thinking out of the game. Much like the power to shield macros you have included in the game I think our weapons should work like those. Arrays take one space bar and fire for ten seconds, over and over then we have to hit it again. Beam banks 7 seconds. Cannons 5. Turrets are auto fire because they are mainly automated anyways and don't do that much damage compared to our other weapons. Once the command to fire them is up, we hit fire again. This gives us time to micro manage our other abilities in space.

Combat - Ground (oh boy)
Problem: NPCs are dumb. Your away team has the smarts of a tribble that's spent it's life as a hackie sack. While enemy mobs have the smarts to avoid your grenades and run from plasma fire, your away team will stand there in fire aiming their weapon seemingly unaware that their flesh is burning off the bone.

Problem: Shield regen leads to the only tactic being stand there and fire. I've gotten though almost every ground encounter so far by just spamming the fire button while standing still. Mainly because aggro in this game seems...random. My entire team has split beams and we tend to just aoe down anything in our sight. If I do get hit it's nothing serious because in 3 seconds my shield will be to full instantly.

Problem: Lack of skills making the combat interesting. Everything seems to revolve around kits, giving you one, maybe two new abilities that you use rarely because standing and firing does the job just fine.

Ok, so how can we fix this and make ground combat more entertaining? First off add a group member toggle. A button you can use to tab though which of your away team you are controlling. This solves almost ALL durrrhurr npc moments and adds a new dynamic into the game, and excellent element of control over your team. This raises a new problem that if you have one of each "class" in your team there is no real point in who you choose as your main.

This is where we solve the lack of skills. Your main has main class specific skills to help with combat.
Grapple. You grab your target, holding him still for 4 seconds and increasing a chance to expose weakness on him by 50%. While holding him yo uare unable to perform other actions without breaking the grapple.

Disarm. You lunge at the target knocking the weapon from their hand, disabling the use of it for 3 seconds.

Guile of command. increases your health by 50% for 10 seconds.

blinding hypospray. You decrease your targets accuracy by 50% for 5 seconds. Each second that passes restores 10% of their accuracy.

DNA resequence. Your friendly target's dps increases by 5% for 10 seconds and gains a 3% damage reduction to energy weapons.

Shield link. Links you with your friendly target, splitting incoming damage between your shields for 15 seconds or until shields are depleted.

Site to site transport. Beams the eng 20 yards forward in his facing direction.

Next up, shield regen and how we fix it. Half the amount of shields we get and make them regen constantly at a slow rate. A tiny bit faster if we are not taking damage but not just BOOM full shields. Then add line of sight objects for us to duck behind during battles. Adding almost a "gears of war" system to combat which forces us to take tactile positions during combat to minimize damage done to us.

I think these would go a long way into making ground combat as fun as it's Space(bar) counterpart.