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02-24-2010, 10:15 AM
Originally Posted by sintar07 View Post
Wrong Compass. You're thinking of the Golden Compass, a trilogy about a little girl who aids Satan in killing God so she can have sex... or something like that. Somebody who actually liked the books could probably explain it better. I thought they were okay, but kind of obnoxious, since the author literally said that he made them as an attack on CS Lewis and the Catholic Church.
A great thread of ideas but I'm going to comment to this post. IT IS CALLED THE NORTHERN LIGHTS ALRIGHT!! THAT STUPID MOVIE HAD THE AMERICAN NAME WHEN IT IS A BRITISH BOOK!! IT MAKES ME SO MAD!! That along with the compass, the glasses and the guy who likes to impregnate himself I'm wondering why the human race hasn't just completely suicided in depression on how confusing the universe is