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# 69 Feds Read This!
02-24-2010, 10:20 AM
For the love of all that is ALL Feds READ THIS POST!

I p v ped all last night. I have never been a p v per in other games, but I LOVE IT here!

However, jebus Feds! Come on!

Read this. I did 8 matches last night in an hour. All consited of me being the only one talking trying to tell people some of the stuff I just read on this post!

I mean, it's not rocket science! There are plenty of us preaching this stuff without ever even reading this post. This is common sense!

No, the Klingons are not superior in game mechanics. They are more expereinced p v pers BECAUSE THAT IS ALL THEY HAVE TO DO!

Form up, stay close and guard the escorts! Expect them to decloak on you and FOCUS FIRE!


On my last two fights last night I just sat at one of the spawn points and watched my fellow feds as they respawned and full impulsed back out to the killing fields only to come back and repeat the same over and over.

Match 1 I counted this 5 times at the spawn point I was at. Match 2 I counted 12 TIMES!

Please read this guys!