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02-24-2010, 10:24 AM
Originally Posted by Captain_Danar
No you think its a number 1 issue and are concerned about it, i guess they believe (which imo i think is true) the majority of the rest of us really don't give a damn about it and think it should be capped.
Other then the fact they CHANGED this very last minute in secret and tried to keep it from the people that were playing this game? yea no that's ****ing ****. I saw more times that there is no skill cap you will always be able to improve your character And then a last minute change naw **** you guys skill cap.

You can't bait and switch like this and expect no backlash. Its retarded the way the skill points work right now you can get like 17 "levels" of skills at Rear Admiral 45 which i imagine is because this system was designed for unlimited points to be earned after you maxed out. But not its stupid and doesn't work.