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09-30-2008, 05:04 PM
the alien creation is going to be to STO what the pink haired gnome with 2 pony tails is to WoW A JOKE. you keep going on about "its not a cryptic game if it didnt have cutumisation blahblahblah" CoX had all that and you failed to make the rest of any as good as it should have been. You claim to be ST fans yet you cant wait to shove thousands of new "races" that have no actual planet or history or ANYTHING in that entire universe. Do you not see the Contradiction stop wasting this guys time on making a silly idea into a reality and instead get him to recreate the 150+ Federation races and the same for the Klingons.

P.S. on the Uniform side of things may i recommend that you allow people to pick the Era from which they want the Uniforms e.g. TOS,TNG,Mid DS9/First contact and obviously your own version of future uniforms or just take em from the Voyager episodes.