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02-24-2010, 10:36 AM
Originally Posted by dinubabear View Post
Your charts were absolutely the best and most accurate! I'm just glad I saved a copy of your pdf flowchart before you made it unreadable to my poor eyes. If we ever discover how to get the unknown tribble, I hope you make a copy available in the old format so us older captains can read it. Some of us can't take Retinax V,
The problem with the original wider fonts is that it made it harder and harder to squeeze everything into a single page document as more foods got to be added. I had balloons all over the place with long strings to follow them back to the tribbles they belong to. And I'm also trying to find some room to add some title info and additional info on the effects. The new narrower font, in addition to fitting the trek theme, lets me organize things much more concisely and symmetrically. It is a 12 point font, and when viewed at a scale one would read a page of text is easy to see, but I do acknowledge that when squished down into an image to fit on a screen it gets harder to make out.

I might be able to bump it up to 14 or 16 point (or maybe just horizontally scale the fonts) and still have room if I switch the chart to landscape mode with things flowing from left to right instead of bottom to top. This way I think I can shift some of that unused space at the upper tiers to have more room for the big lists at the lower tiers. Not sure when I'll get around to that experiment though.