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02-24-2010, 10:47 AM
Originally Posted by Corban_Lewis
I was 45 minutes late for work today. I wanted to blame it on traffic, but I'm only a five minute walk from work. I wanted to blame it on my son, but he had left for school after I woke up. So I was honest and said to my employer/brother "Y'know that game you introduced me too....the one I was worried I'd get too addicted too."

My attempt to blame him failed too. Luckily i don't do it too often and he's kinda hooked too. Still, I should be punished and who better to do so than my STO peers. Come up with any kind of punishment you think is necessary. (Just don't expect a irresponsible &*^# like me to actually do it.)
You are hereby fined 100,000 credits. Send them to me immediatly, and you will also have to add a demerit to your sig...