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02-24-2010, 10:54 AM
i completely agree with OP

Negh'Var's should be something you fear.

The enemy's dont even scale to you're level they are just placed in the instances like this.
You notice this if you go to a later enemy encounter, the enemies can be +15 and kill you.

Yet if you reverse it and play Klingon you get the same feeling with Federation Ships, you can kill every Tier 5 Admiral Cruiser with a lowly Bird of Prey.

I assume they did the multiple ship types per level because people would complain if they were always fighting frigates until lt. cmd, then were always fighting escorts, etc.
1 - do you compain that you dont see Negh'Vars in PvP while you are flying a Miranda?

2 - the way it is now we have seen EVERY type by level 5 and nothing new to see on the Klingon Front even if we hit Rear Admiral, is that any better? Kill the same enemies forever?

Klingon missions stop anyway as soon as you get to the Romulan Sector (somewhere arround Cmdr.), then you have something new to kill, ROMULANS, but again you see EVERYTHING from a Bird of Prey to a Warbird in the very first Mission.. until you get to Cardassia... kind of.

For what we want we would need a bunch of Missions on every Front in the Game for every Rank in the Game but then we would need to fly a LOT through Sectorspace to get from one end to the other every few Missions.

I am done with the Klingons now and i dont think they will send me there again when i have a better Ship.
So the big Kobayashi Maru Faceoff, Souvereign Class vs. 3 lvl 50 Negh'Vars probably will never happen inside a Story Mission?

I just see no way to do it perfect the way the Storymissions are set up.

Still! While flying a Miranda or Constitution Class even a Vor'Cha Cruiser (the one introduced first in TNG) should make you hit the Distress Call Button and run for your life hoping somebody with a higher level then you will come to aid you.

...hmmm i just remembered that in the Open Beta when a Negh'Var fired 3 Photon Torpedos at me, my shields were almost down. When they had a few Birds of Prey as backup i had 50% health after the first few shots, no chance at all without respawning. -> THAT was the perfect ballance. (they should not have placed as many Negh'Vars in the Mobs though, i rarely see a K'Tinga and i believe not one Vor'Cha in the complete Klingon Campaign.)

By now i fly into a Alpha Strike of 15 Torpedos and my shields dont get scratched because difficulty was nerfed hard when people complaint about those stupid Alpha Strikes.