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02-24-2010, 11:19 AM
Originally Posted by Shabasquaia View Post
The fact that everyone is saying to drop the price should indicate to everyone just how bad the game really is.
Sorry, who is everyone? The last few people have agreed that $50 is about right, didn't they? Is that not the non-discounted price for the game?

The game is fine - it will be fine down the road too. Nothing in this world will ever live up to its "potential". There will always be "coulda", "shoulda" statements. Take it for what it is and enjoy it. If you feel that the game could use something, write a specific post or statement to the Devs. They are listening. If your idea is good and fleshed out, or if you proposing a doable game change and enough people agree than they do take notice.

Saying this game sucks, or is bad, or that it is the best game ever, or it rocks - there is no substance in that.

@OP - perhaps more detail in answers could have been used, but maybe they just wanted to compile multiple choice data and look at percentages rather than have to manually go through each submission. This is probably the quickest way for them to get feedback. For the more specific issues, they are monitoring the forums.

I do agree that a large portion of the community will likely have gotten missed regarding some of the "hot topics" however, because too many of the community either don't take the time to post here, or have been scared away/beaten into submission by posters on this forum. Hopefully the next survey will include more of the issues.