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02-24-2010, 11:21 AM
I honestly believe that at the games current state, there should be no subscription fee. It seems like the same structure as Guild Wars, where everything is instanced. BOs are like Heroes, which basically killed all form of teaming in Guild Wars, which is why the game feels like a single player game. When I play it feels like I am playing a sub-par console game that I rented for the weekend. But even with a 0$ fee, I wouldn't be sticking around more than a couple weeks.

I gave the game a score of 5/10 because that is the lowest passing grade. It reminds me of me back in highschool when I didn't give a **** about anything and put forth just enough work not to fail.

Hopefully the survey helps them get the game going, but from what I hear about Champions Online, I'm really not sure if they will.