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02-24-2010, 01:37 PM
I've only gotten killed on the ground, probably 6-12 times now, so I find ground combat hard enough. The mission to save Lt. Paris was a nightmare because of all the tier 4 enemies running about with their near-invincibility.

Personally, though, I use dual pistols. I think it's just badass. Using dual pistols is like one of those "I'm a badass" things a person can do. Gives you that Lara Croft feeling. I also use martial arts. Sometimes I switch out for a sniper rifle if I'm far off and have the high ground just for that sniper feeling, especially against Swordmasters and their ilk since they're so hard to take down because they always try to run in and melee you, forcing you to use martial arts against a bat'leth (very annoying that we don't have martial arts-based weapons like a katana, this needs to be added in pronto to make the melee a bit more fair).