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Im sure many would not agree but i keep trying to come up with something that would fix away team missions.. make them less boring and more fun.

The only thing i can think of is retooling away missions as FPS. This doesn’t have to be a uber leet FPS with headshots and the like. If any of you played Planet Side. thats what i had in mind.

It would add some excitement to away missions and not take a twitch king to to be successful.

Or heck even make it 3rd person shooter such as Max Payne... just do something please i beg you.

Oh and start by removing the scan one item.. now go scan 5 more of the same missions. Seriously if you need to use filler missions like that just have us beam down.. scan the one thing and return to the ship. Having us walk around to scan 5 more does nto add to difficulty or fun, it only adds to annoyance.