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02-24-2010, 04:00 PM
Originally Posted by Toyan View Post
Game time cards, I have no clue about. Does sound a little wrong though, I'd have thought the retail key would give you 30 days, and then if you type in your game card code, it'll 'add on' another 30 days?

I guess you could have kept your card 'untarnished' until the retail key expired maybe?

But yeah, sorry, I have no knowledge of Game time cards, just paying via CC or DC.
I Thought this was the case too, and I was a little frustrated because I have neither a CC nor a gamecard. So I closed out of the window in anger. A little while later I tried logging in to STO anyways (stubborn) and I could for my 30 free days.

My guess is that as soon as you type in the key and click contuine, and it accepts it and takes you to the billing page, yuo're good to go; the billing page is there for you to set up future payments, but its optional. However, it doesn't explicitely say that, which leds to confnusion.