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# 1 Targeting Confusion
02-24-2010, 05:53 PM
I've been meaning to post this question. Is there a skill that places a Confuse Targeting type affect on your character? I know once on a Gound mission there was a part of the mission where we would encounter NPC's in a room with vaporous fumes and had to open the ventilation. Prior to opening the ventilation, it seemed as though everyone in my away team including myself would get confused in selecting their targets. At time I couldn't fire and would notice that my target was one of my Away team members and I would select an NPC to later see me targeting another member of my Away team.

Also I have notice in space combat, once in PvP, and I think a couple NPC missions where the enemies appear in blue as though they were allies and then my targeting would change to someone else sometimes an actual ally.

Now I have read the Jam Targeting Sensor ability and it says stop opponent from targeting you but nothing about making the opponent see you as an ally.

Any thoughts people?