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02-24-2010, 06:26 PM
One thing everyone seems to disregard when talking about "what's the movie going to be about": Never once has blizzard called it a "world of ********" movie, it's always been "the ******** movie." There's games (and at least 2 expansions) worth of material that happened before WoW.

Taking it back and showing Medihv open the Dark Portal and welcome the Horde to Azeroth would be an awesome story, IMHO.

If your parallel bares out Webstravaganza, I hope the movie make a hundred billion trillion gazillion fafillio dollars. Cause if all the Star Trek shows and movies are good, and all the ******** games are good, and the ******** movie explodes, we can only hope STO will follow suit, for the sake of symmetry.