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02-24-2010, 07:37 PM
Originally Posted by Cruis.In View Post
the problem is that people who play these types of games are smart and highly intellectual people and can adapt to any difficulty and we are the majority.

you lindsay are the minority who wants everything dumbed down to your level. im not surprised you died 6-12 times.

theres no tension with combat at all. i dont care how they want to achieve it, whether they write the word tension in bold letters on the screen when fighting, but they need to , or what is there now is just a waste and everyone who has played through the game which is alot of people now realises theres no challenge to combat in space or ground.

in a game like mass effect where you can save and reload, you still feel tension because you need to actively move and do things to prevent yourself from dying. in this game you just stand in the open and shoot.
Wow, resorting to insults about my gaming ability. I'm betting I've beaten more and more difficult games than you have in my 25 years playing video games. Hell, I've even beaten the original Final Fantasy and the original Dragon Warrior. You wanna talk about hard? Those games were freaking hard.

At this point in my life, I want to play games to relax. Maybe I've become accustomed to the easier games of the current generation, but I'm finding it more fun than the hours of frustration that I went through in order to beat the harder games of yesteryear.

By the way, don't kid youself. You're the minority here, not me. The majority don't want this game to be hardcore. The casual players far outnumber you. I have plenty of challenges in real life. I don't need them in my games. When I play a game, I play to relax and get my mind off challenges, not have yet more. I have enough challenges in day to day life.