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02-24-2010, 09:11 PM
What finally worked for me was rapid fire in conjunction with dual cannons. Without it I wouldn't be able to kill the enemy as fast as some people are saying they can. But with that, and my own abilities bumping up the DPS, I really am able to put on the hurt.

Even so, if the enemy is maneuvering a lot (those Magai seem particularly prone to this), I'm forever fighting to keep them in my firing arc. Some mobs obligingly stay far away, or move slowly enough that I have no problem, others don't. At least in my experience on a heavy escort. In that case there may be a lot to be said for regular cannons instead of dual cannons. They have the same timing, and apparently can even be mixed with dual cannons, but they have a 180 degree firing arc doing only 71 percent of the damage.

But yea, a straight cannon all by itself isn't going tto be all that spectacular. You need to bring in BO abilities, consoles, and your own abilities to really make it shine. That's been my experience anyway.

Oh and by the way, all indications are that cannons don't get to their max damage until within 2 km from the target. If you're even 3 km away you aren't hitting for max damage. If, by using regular cannons you can stay within 2 km (that 180 degree arc giving you more flexability) you'll do as much damage as someone with duals at 5.5 km. Of course then you really are maneuvering around a lot and you still need all the skills and abilities of the guy at 5.5 km. The ideal of course is to be at 2 km with duals/heavies while always keeping the enemy in your firing arc but I can't seem to manage that at all consistently.

There are however, many enemies for which it seems that the best tactic really is to piddle along at 1/4 impulse (just enough to be able to turn) and pivoting to hit the enemy. I agree it doesn't feel right for a ship like the escort which I figured was intended to mix it up at close range -- but that really does work with the way they have their combat system right now in many cases.

At least that's my observation as a fairly new STO player.