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Originally Posted by wanderica View Post
I hit Rear Admiral after taking my time and enjoying all the episodes, but I'd really like a group of friends in-game to begin exploring what little we have to do, and to participate with in future content. I specified well-rounded, as I don't like being tied down to one play style. Sometimes I like to veg out and mindlessly kill ship after NPC ship, and others I can never forgive those Klingons for the death of my son. I also enjoy occasional RP from time to time and usually maintain a working backstory for my toon.
Well, since the BSC are now spanning two fleets (British Starfleet Corps and British Starfleet Copycats, not to mention our Klingon Branch - Blood Sworn Coalition) just to have room for everyone, I reckon we must fit your idea of a large fleet in some capacity!

Plus, our weekly events schedule is bound to please!

So, here comes the impersonal advert bit - don't take it to heart because I reckon you'd be a good fit for us but there's only so much I can type out each time

About Us
Founded during the Pre-Order headstart, the British Starfleet Corps is a multi-nationality Fleet with both EU and US Admirals to ensure all timezones are catered for.

We supply both out-of-game forums and a voice chat server (Ventrilo) to help build a sense of community and to facilitate our frequent Fleet Events.

We are best suited for players who enjoy the game on their terms (be that PvP, PvE, crafting, tribble breeding, end-game raidisodes etc.) who like a relaxed and friendly atmosphere of helpful players to reside with.

Our Ranks and Squadrons
We have a simple community rank system that is common to all our gaming branches. These are then named accordingly for the game they are part of. For the British Starfleet Corps, these are...

Community Leaders (Admirals) -> Council Members (Commodores) -> Branch Officers (Squadron Leaders) -> Branch Sergeants (Captains)-> BSC Members (Flight Officers)

The Fleet has seven departments (Squadrons) each of which have a Leader and two Captains - Klingon Fleet, Escort Squadron, Science Squadron, Cruiser Squadron, Recruitment, Fleet Events, Quartermaster.

These exist to assist, organise and help our members with whatever they want to achieve ingame. Flight Officers are not actually "assigned" to a Squadron and can seek help from any corner of the Fleet.

About the BSC Community
Originally formed in 2002 in Westwood (EA's) MMO Earth and Beyond as the British Space Corps, the guild expanded first to EVE Online as the British Space Corporation and then beyond.

Today, we span over multiple games with varying names that conform to the BSC tag (for example, our WOW US branch is the Blood Sworn Coalition, the CoH Branch is the British Superhero Corps and here in Star Trek we're the British Starfleet Corps). We are a family friendly, multi-gaming, casual-friendly guild with a strong leadership that spans our entire history.

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