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02-25-2010, 02:37 AM
Originally Posted by pikapuff View Post
I think the ground combat is fine. There's an issue with BO pathing and some genesis work with filling cargo holds quite haphazardly, and the use of bright white tilesets way too much. But I find ground combat enjoyable.
i agree.

I hear a lot people saying ground combat is dull. I am not feeling them.

I think what you have is a lot of FPS players from Halo and Mass Effect and they are wanting exciting game play or strategic gameplay.

Screw that.

I just want to stand in the line of fire and survive. No matter what happens.

This game is perfect the way it is.

This one poster suggested we remove our personal shields.

I say poppycock. You can take my personal shield when you pry it from my cold dead corpse. But since we never die in ground combat in this game I guess that will never happen.

But as soon as it does... my personal shield is yours.