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Has anyone else been experiencing their camera changing from 'Follow Target' back to 'Free Camera' on its own?

I have been noticing that my camera setting will change on its own back to free camera especially right when I go to fight a bit tougher NPC like a Cruiser or Battleship or something slow. Then I have to go and manually change the setting back to 'Follow Target'. It is so frustrating to not be able to see what I am shooting at especially since the NPC loves to move behind my camera. Gabbing the mouse and moving the camera to a better position doesn't make sense since one by the time I do I loose half my shield on that side and the NPC moves behind the camera within a few seconds anyway.

Just now I did a mission where I fought 3 BoP's and the camera was fine and moved quickly with the BoP's. Next I battled a Klingon Cruiser in the same system mission. As soon as the battle started I noticed my camera is not following the NPC and I was like great now it will bet behind the camera and I have to guess as where it is to try to get it into the arc of my Torps or just blast away with my beams and hope for the best. Once that battle was over I changed my camera setting back to 'Follow Target". I then went into battle with a Klingon Warship and what do you know that camera went right back to "Free Camera" so once again I am guessing 80% of the time if my attacks are effctive since I cannot see if the NPC is turning to face its good shield at me.

I entered a bug for this but wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing this.