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02-25-2010, 04:36 AM
Originally Posted by pikapuff View Post
1. I think it needs to be that size so enemy players can see it. Otherwise it would be unfair to the other side that want to destroy it.
I'm going to dispute that notion on the grounds that the PBAoE Bubble graphic is "plenty" to indicate the presence, and position, of where these generators are. Bear in mind, I have no problem with the "distortion bubble" which defines the radius of the effect(s), which is clearly visible (to friend and foe alike), without being absolutely obscuring the way that the height of the generator itself (and its hitbox) as well as the brightness of the light bloom effect at the center does.

Bear in mind also that if I'm crouched "behind" a generator, and I'm having trouble clicking targets downrange "through it" ... it's pretty fair to say that the reverse (enemies trying to target me, rather than the generator) may also be a problem in PvP. Note that hostile mobs have "no problems targeting anything" in PvE.

Originally Posted by pikapuff View Post
2. I don't have this bloom issue,b tu I believe my settings for bloom are set below the default. I can't say one way or another if this should be changed, but you can try lowering your bloom setting during and see if it helps before a change is implemented (if needed).
Changing the bloom settings for graphics may be a "workaround" ... but doesn't address the "fact" that the graphics set for these items are "player unfriendly" by default.