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02-25-2010, 05:49 AM
Originally Posted by Delphya
The Bat'leth is infact awesome, though it annoys me when I am playing ginsu with the face of a Federation Officer he can activate device stuff, activate complex Engineering consoles and aim and shoot a sniper rifle all at the same time.

When I hit a Federation Officer with a Bat'leth they should be overawed by being chopped up that they just be stunned and unable to do anything but ... die. :p

Of course if someone is there to help them then they can move and do stuff, but only if they are healed, protected or otherwise defended from the Bat'leth wielding Orion (or Klingon as the case may be).
So you think that anytime you hit a fed with your Bat'leth that they should be so overawed with your magnificence and martial prowess that they are just stunned into immobility until someone helps them? :ROFL:

Thanks for the chucke.