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Originally Posted by Feor View Post
Act i'll give you, he's not the greatest by a long stretch. Does best when he's playing a parody of himself, oddly enough.

Where do you get the idea he's not a decent human being? Because there's stories from the set of ToS and the years shortly afterwards that he had an ego the size of a planet? Think about it, if you had been Capt Kirk, could you say it wouldn't have gone to yopur head. just a little bit.

Several years ago, my friend worked Security for Creation Conventions, and was assigned as Shatner's escort from his dressingroom to the stage....Wow, what a great honor, Bill thought...Shatner was one of his favorites.....

Creation, at the time, not sure if they still do, allow their people to dress up. Bill dressed up in a rather authentic TOS Klingon uniform. Looked REALLY good...Spent nearly a year collecting the stuff for it (being that he was in high school, and didn't really have any other job then Creation). He seriously could have passed for a TOS Klingon....

Shatner's first words as soon as he opened the door after staring at Bill for a minute..."What the hell are you supposed to be?"

Ok...That alone is relatively minor....but after Bill Escorted him back to the dressing room after his monologue....Bill asked for his autograph....Shatner gave him a dirty look...and told him to buy his book....amd called him a freak...and slammed the door in his face.