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02-25-2010, 09:08 AM
Originally Posted by Cruis.In View Post
the problem is that people who play these types of games are smart and highly intellectual people and can adapt to any difficulty and we are the majority.

you lindsay are the minority who wants everything dumbed down to your level. im not surprised you died 6-12 times.

theres no tension with combat at all. i dont care how they want to achieve it, whether they write the word tension in bold letters on the screen when fighting, but they need to , or what is there now is just a waste and everyone who has played through the game which is alot of people now realises theres no challenge to combat in space or ground.

in a game like mass effect where you can save and reload, you still feel tension because you need to actively move and do things to prevent yourself from dying. in this game you just stand in the open and shoot.
Dude, wrong. Uneccesary and uncalled for. No one had flamed anyone or insulted anyone. She didnt tell you you were wrong, she only said how she liked things.
If you want a hardcore game there are plenty out there like Mass Effect, hell the list is endless.
No need to go start flaming peeps simply because their tastes are different when they havent insulted you at all. Thats why these forums have gotten such a bad rep as whiners, QQ'rs and flamers.
You even started your comment by insinuating everyone not like you arent smart or intellectual.
We CAN have a conversation with differing ideas and counterpoints without just off the bat insults to anyone who doesnt agree with us.

Notice no where in this post did I say what she likes is right or better or did I insinuate it was wrong either. I too would like things to be harder, but I also understand I am not the only one playing the game and that the company is going to make the game enjoyable for all who play it of all types. Plenty of games have had missions/quests that one could solo all day and then others you needed huge groups to do due to difficulty.
If anything thats kind of what we need here, both types. Hell there are nights I am so tired I want to play in easy repetative mode just to relax the noggin, and then there are times I want hard as nails balls to the wall and the "Oh Hell how am I gonna do this???" hard.

Hmm..looking up and seeing I am a bit off tangeant(sp?)

I guess I am saying lets at least TRY and refrain from rapid fire flaming when theres no need or provocation.

Just my 2 energy creds.