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02-25-2010, 11:22 AM
Originally Posted by ExpendableCrewman View Post
Well although alot of nubs <lol y aI know everyones a nub at this game right now it just came out lol its ust funny to say heheh> anyways alot of nubs would disagree IMO I prefer and think arrays are better in your 2 aft weapon slots for bop, just use 2 eps pwr xsfer consoles... yeah yeah youll say what about my def. buff for my eng consoles?? I need those!!! Lol well try this as a replacement,,,

3 sci teams 1 eng team and 2 rsp, = PWN <you dont have to have the eng. team but that lil bit sometimes helps>
youll be happeh trust me those arrays do a helluva lot more dmg than turrets even though theyre not 360 you only need em for rear and sides since you swing back so fast to lock fore on again on target anyways you WILL actually see a slight increase in dps right off the bat, even more so as you learn to milk it better.

If you have a BoP, you have Rapid Fire, If you have Rapid Fire, Beams do NOT do " a helluva lot more dmg" than turrents. And aft turrents work when you uncloak and open up on someone from the front. BoPs should not have to worry about firing weapons from the rear when they can out turn anything in the game.