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02-25-2010, 12:03 PM
Originally Posted by Knyght_Fall
Seems like an unforunate thought process to think it's a coincidence when a lot of people are having the same exact issues.
Ok. Problem solved it would seem. Turns out it was a GPU overheating issue. I did a couple of things.

I noticed in my case that the harddrive and video card were restricting the airflow in the case, preventing the video card from getting a proper airflow for cooling. I moved the HD which gained me a 2 degree drop in GPU temp.

I then followed some tips elsewhere... Turned off the Physics on my card, capped my FPS at 60 in the game, reduced CPU / GPU usage when idle in the game, and turned off post processing in the game.

End result is I gained another 10-15 degree drop in GPU temp.

Thanks for the useful and not so useful help.