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02-25-2010, 01:02 PM
to the above poster - please take your own advice

Originally Posted by Matt_Dravis
'Carebear thinking' or common courtesy? You decide!

I have re-worded the Etiquette section to be mindful that some players do feel that spawn camping is a viable tactic while game mechanics allow it.

I have also included the comment about asking the DEVs to make spawn camping impossible.

Thank you for your 'sanity check' feedback.
I with you Matt about etiquette, in almost every other competitive and competition sports, there are rules and standard of conduct everyone who participate must follow, I just do not understand, why certain gamers does not understand this and try to encourage good behaviors that will breed and bring out good competition among players that will allow for better pvp gameplay and players to engage with.

Anyway back on topic - I play a Fed Science Officer - like to add, have several different BO with different abilities to swap out, especially if you are dying alot or are the first focus target, which science ships tend to be one of the first ship, wondering why that is , or if you noticed sometime weapons or skills being use.

Example I have 4 science BO - i use in PVP - all depending upon what going on, that I can switch out when I respawn, and I still experimenting with some skills - if I seeing I am the first primary target every time, then I know I can turn it around be the bait, I may go with 4, and 1 and give more support to others, or use 2 and 1, 3 & 4, or 2 &4 where perhaps, I can tractor one, and allows the other to focus fire on it. Commander 8

4 Science BO

1. SC1, Jam Sensor, CBP
2. Tractor Beam, FBP1, VMII
3. Tray Beam, TRift FBII
4. MEs, PH, SC III

Two Engineering BO
1. ET1, Aux Structural, RSP
2. ES, ET2, EMod

Two tach
1. Beam & HY II
2. HY 1, TS II

The point is to have several types of BO available to use to counter some of the Klink advantage and let other teammate use it to their advantage or have BO's where you can stack certain abilities to trigger certain abilities faster.