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02-25-2010, 04:03 PM
Short term

Add the ground controls from champions over to sto so those of us that want fps controls or something in between can have them.

Unify the maps, 1 map that zooms in. The more you zoom in the more detail you get. Put in some nice overlays of systems and nebulas that fade out while you zoom in like clouds flying pasted you as you zoom though them. Also use color more to distinguish things in the map.

More story mission, and a greater verity of possible repeat mission.
Being able to buy different weapons with badges at high level not just antiproton.

Being able to train and trade boís

Respec options and also 2 builds you can swap like in cox and champs

Mid term

Add an option for fps style pacing for ground combat.

More costumes Iíd like to see less formal outfits also maybe a uniform thatís unbuttoned so you can see the shirt underneath the coat thereís a mission has this already donít remember the name but your rescuing some people from some Romulus one of the crew outside the base had this setup looked cool. But just other items as well I know its trek but itís also a game.

More ship options in both type and parts that can go on them. Also more options in the way parts go on them. Sorta like whatís done in character creation with the scaling along the x,y,z. Also placement of parts so if you want the nacelles a little farther up or back.
Put in the crafting you were guys were talking about in all the interviews

Long term

Smarter ai for both my boís and mobs. I know the standard idea in mmos is to make mobs mountains of hit points and hit harder to make them ďepicĒ but Iíve never really felt that a mob that cheats is really more fun once you figure out the strategy it easy again. An ai that responds adapts to you is much more fun. One that takes cover and repositions swaps targets is just more fun and dynamic.

A cover system Iím not talking your toons starts to try and make love to the walls ala gears of war so much but more like what was in tabula rasa where depending on how much of your body was exposed to the enemy fire it would negate some of the damage. so if youíre behind a small box it helps it helps more if your behind a bigger one or your up on a ledge that makes it really hard for the mob to see any of you. it would be nice if the ai would take advantage of this also.