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02-25-2010, 05:17 PM
Originally Posted by IfniLuck
Originally Posted by The_MadTom View Post
Still, I would also like to se some new breeds from NIE, YU, ZIN and the still unkonown one.

Also, we are missing a tripple stat tribble, next to Rivera.
Not sure why there needs to be another triple stat one. The others come in pairs because the tree splits into resist/damage and regen/damage, and each of those split into their respective pairs. But rivera is central, combining all 3, as is tuffli. So the symmetry is maintained with only one at those levels.
I've assumed for the time being that our Mystery #26 Tribble is going to be a top end DPS Tribble based on evidence made clear with the posted hierarchy charts and the breeding symmetry pattern of the rest of the other Tribbles. I've also assumed that this Tribble is going to be a breeding twin of the Nielson.

We have 4 known Regen Tribbles, 4 known DamRes Tribbles and only 7 known DPS Tribbles. There probably ought to be an 8th DPS Tribble.

The top two Regen Tribbles (Highison and Yu) are almost identical in terms of their breeding combos. The same can be said of the top two DamRes Tribbles (Griffis and Zinc). Therefore the top two DPS Tribbles should end up being Nielson and the Mystery #26 because Nielson doesn't really have a twin yet.

Of course as we've recently learned the Devs know there are problems with this Tribble and might change up these relationships. But for the moment the case for Mystery #26 is fairly strong at this point.